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Voice over IP VOIP: Dream or a Reality

Date 28th August 1998 Voice over IP (VOIP) has been talked about more than SMTP and POP. The proposition which makes this talk so redundant is the fact that many a comparative studies have shown the call charges to fall to over 1/50th of the cost as of today. But there is more to it. This article would cover various issues including the technical, legal and ethical issues behind implementation of this highly talked about technology on Internet and particularly in India. Technology Voice over data network is not something new, as Voice over Frame Relay has been very successful for sometime now. However what keeps IP a step ahead, is its ability to address the issues of a global protocol and global accessibility over public data network. Moreover for Intranets also IP has certainly proved to be a better protocol than all the others for WAN networks worldwide. Unlike the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), which is a switched network, routing voice over IP has the ability to address some n