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When cache means cash

When Gordon Moore first coined the famous ``Moor's Law'' stating that processor power will double every eighteen months, only a few believed him. Interestingly the law is still valid in 1998. However if I now tell you that Internet is doubling every four months, you would again disbelieve me. But this is a fact, which everyone in the Internet industry has to live with. And if you plan to jump into this wild ISP industry you better get your dirty work of planning done before you start. The nineties have been a decade of the HTTP and WWW. Starting with the first browser at CERN in 1991, the protocol has been particularly instrumental in the success of Internet around the world. And as this phenomenon grows at over 10 times a year, the only thing which limits it, is the infrastructure itself on which it runs on. VSNL itself, which has been in Indian ISP scene for around three years, has dramatically grown from a small bandwidth of a few 64KBPS links, to more than 125mbps today