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Fiction: Third ISP from the left

The grass is always greener on the other side, or so the saying goes. To most of the 550 odd prospective ISP's who bought application forms few months back and hundreds of others who have started queuing up outside the DOT office everyday, money would certainly be the most important driving force. The invention of WWW, which gave birth to commercial Internet, is no less than a second Industrial revolution. Internet not only brings people closer together but also changes the way people, companies, and government across the world operate today. Only the dumbest of dumb would walk away from such an interesting business proposition without thinking twice. In early 1993 when hundreds of companies sprung up across America, they had a dream, which was not very different to that of what we have today. Their expectation of growth of business was expected to be almost the same as that of the growth of Internet itself. And looking at this rather impressive growth of 100% every year, this busi

Sprint RPG's new venture

Three years ago while the critics speculated economic viability of setting up an electronic network in India, Sprint RPG was among the first few who took the bold step of setting and started building a countrywide X.25 Electronic network. Today after more than three years of hard work and perseverance, Sprint RPG is not only the market leader in the corporate segment but also showed that such a business is economically viable for Sprint RPG India Ltd. As 80% of the ISPs around the world are loosing money across the world, there are only a few who really believe that being a Internet Service Provider is a viable business. Sprint RPG’s experience in setting up a successful electronic network in India is one of the key reasons why we believe we can do big business out of being an ISP in India. VSNL currently is the only ISP in the Indian segment catering to the common public and corporate market. ERNET and NIC are among the others who also have a good but focused user b

Fiction: Passengers on routers

Date 30 November 2046 Last year when the INS installed the five new terabit firewall they thought it would have been sufficient to filter all the inbound passengers, but it seems that their decision to order another set of hundred terabit routers last week speaks of their inability to predict inbound traffic. Forty-five years ago when people first started teleporting objects many couldn't have guessed it would make the INS recruit hackers to do their work one-day. Till then, sneaking into US meant buying tickets and getting a visa stamp on paper passport, not to speak of the 22 hours sleepless horrible journey around the world. Today, the wire makes it look so stupid. With everything shifting onto IP, it didn't take much time for the hackers to build a transport mechanism using native IP protocol. And within a few months there were a whole lot of real objects being teleported to people all over the world. The reason I call them objects is that the receiver was never sure of wha