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Linux in 2000

The other day, someone asked me what my worst nightmare was. I told him, "Linux world domination." Surprising as it may seem coming from a Linux advocate, the fact is that this issue is being debated in Linux circles the world over. With the absence of competition linux may not have much to look forward to. However since that will take a long time to happen, we look at the past how linux succeeded as it is today and where its headed towards in the near future. Battling Since Birth Linux was born in the midst of the Minix generation of Intel 286s. Minix, which did not allow free distribution of code, was the de facto OS for university curricula back then (1991). After winning over Minix, Linux fought the software crunch of the early 90s and integrated many common Unix tools ported over in the first quarter of this decade. And just before it stood against Microsoft in the late 90s to fight for a pie in the desktop segment, Linux fought hard to get X-Windows applications ported