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DNS Information hiding

One of the funniest ways of using DNS is by hiding information in it. DNS, as the name goes, is more about distributing Domain information. However, some people, who think differently had other ideas about it. I used the idea to hide one of my perl programs in a dns server I have access to. Execute the following line as a single command and wait for the outcome. dig axfr | grep '^host' | sort | cut -b8-39 | perl -e 'while( ){print pack("H32",$_)}' | gzip -qd How does the real DNS look line ? Its pretty dirty :) But have a look anyway. dig axfr ; < > DiG 8.2 < > axfr ; (1 server found) $ORIGIN @ 12H IN SOA ( 153313462 ; serial 6H ; refresh 3H ; retry 1W ; expiry 12H ) ; minimum 12H IN NS ns1.granitecany