Feb Attack 2000: DDOS Attack - analysis

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June 9, 2000

May 15, 2000
    FAQ DOS FAQ This FAQ covers denial of service attacks (DoS) in great depth, and has links to software that can be used to execute DoS attacks. Also DDos Research

May 15, 2000
    PAPER On Magic, IRC wars, and DDoS The recent attacks against major Internet sites are "magical" in the same fashion. The public doesn't know how the hacks are done, and imagines all sorts of things. It is much simpler than that.

May 15, 2000
    DISCUSSION(Political) THE WAR ON HACKERS This last week we have been inundated with press about distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against the portal and shopping sites at Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, CNN.com, Buy.com, ZDNet, E*Trade, and Excite.com. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the dire message exposed by these news stories?

May 15, 2000
    ARTICLE Network Services in an Uncooperative Internet By hacking your TCP stack, you could theoretically do a number of things to increase your TCP transmission performance. Essentially, you could just "turn down" or completely eliminate the limits that TCP was designed to introduce. Your hacked stack would transmit as fast as it can and everyone else's TCP stack will kindly get out of the way in the face of so much usage.

May 13, 2000


May 2, 2000

    PAPER Analysis of mstream, a DDoS tool This is an analysis of "mstream", a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack tool, based on the source code of "stream2.c", a classic point-to-point DoS attack tool

May 1, 2000
    PAPER Source code to mstream, a DDoS tool It's been alleged that this source code, once compiled, was used by persons unknown in the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks earlier this year.

Apr 26, 2000
    PAPER A study of TCP and the DDOS problem By exploiting features inherent to TCP protocol remote attackers can perform denial of service attacks on a wide array of target operating systems. The attack is most efficient against HTTP servers.

Mar 18, 2000

Mar 17, 2000
    LINK 138238 Misconfigured Networks !! This site does polling to find out how many misconfigured networks are out there waiting to become one of the victim sites in originating DDOS attacks. I hope people who manage these networks do understand what they are doing and immediately correct it.

Mar 15, 2000

Feb 27, 2000

Feb 27, 2000

Feb 20, 2000
    INFO:More on DDOS : Excerpted from up comming book Uberhacker (happyhacker.org)

Feb 18, 2000

Feb 17, 2000

Feb 16, 2000

Feb 15, 2000

Feb 14, 2000

Feb 12, 2000

Feb 11, 2000

Feb 10, 2000

Feb 9, 2000

Feb 8, 2000

Feb 7, 2000

Feb 3, 2000

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