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Feb Attack 2000: DDOS Attack - analysis

BOOKMARK: BOOKMARK: Max Vision Network Security & Penetration Testing website BOOKMARK: MIXTER Security June 9, 2000 NEWS:CNN FBI probing potentially 'massive' new hacker attack to disable Web sites FBI will meet with experts from a security company Friday to discuss the firm's discovery that hackers have embedded a malicious program Also Checkout Slashdot Discussion and for more information. May 15, 2000 FAQ DOS FAQ This FAQ covers denial of service attacks (DoS) in great depth, and has links to software that can be used to execute DoS attacks. Also DDos Research May 15, 2000 PAPER On Magic, IRC wars, and DDoS The recent attacks against major Internet sites are "magical" in the same fashion. The public doesn't know how the hacks are done, and imagines all sorts of things. It is much simpler than that. May 15, 2000 DISCUSSI