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Dump active directory to file in C#

// Purpose: To List all entries in Active Directory // Author : Royans K Tharakan // Date : 2003 Decusing System; using System.DirectoryServices; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; namespace ActiveDirectorySearch1 { class Class1 { static void execute(String tab,String arg1, String args2) { try{ DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://YOURDOMAINNAME/"+arg1); DirectorySearcher mySearcher = new DirectorySearcher(entry); mySearcher.Filter = ("("+args2+")"); mySearcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.OneLevel; int i=0; string reg1 = @"^CN="; string reg3 = @"^OU="; string reg2 = @args2; Regex regex1=new Regex(reg1,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); Regex regex2=new Regex(reg2,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); Regex regex3=new Regex(reg3,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); foreach(SearchResult resEnt in mySearcher.FindAll()) { i++; Match m1=regex1.Match(resEnt.GetDirectoryEntry().Name.ToString()); Match m2=regex2.Match(resEnt.GetDirectoryEntry().Name.ToString()

Unix file system notes

UFS unlike what most think was not developed by Sun Microsystems. Instead it was the brainchild of UNIX at ATT. Oh and BTW UFS stands for "Unix File System". Over the years its been used by many different Unix Distributions including Solaris, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and even MacOS. Linux supports it, but in a limited way. References Articles on General Performance;=ufs File Systems Why we should use UFS logging VxFS vx UFS : VxFS is better UFS and VxFS : VxFS is better UFS vs VxFS UFS is comparable if not better Benchmarking Filesystems It thinks JFS, ReiserFS or XFS is better than EXT3. Journaling file system Understanding Journaling File system Part I Part II Journaling File System in linux Veritas for Linux Compare VxFS with EXT3 and Reiser Oracle related Optimizing Oracle 10g on Linux using Automated Storage Management Storage on Automatic Volume Manager VxVM vs DiskSuite

Macromedia credits me for finding a bug in Jrun

Macromedia credited me for a bug I found last year. Read more here. DevNet Article

Net:RawIP Tools and Tricks

The official Net::RawIP page from where you can get the lastest RawIP is . Net::RawIP written by Sergey Kolychev and he would be the best person to contact if you have any patches, doubts and suggessions. Module Documentation Most of the excellent source code here is taken from the Authors website and would not be modified. A few other ugly lines code are written by me during my spare time waiting for the end of the world. Source code Scanning a host using TTL scan can get interesting results by rkt Mar 2003 Perl script which replys to Syn packets by rkt Dec 2002 Pfilt Interface List Land Attack oshare.shtml Ping tool Traceroute tool Another Traceroute tool Sniffer Macof NetKill Civilize Trinot Another Sniffer Remote DOS by TCP Resource Starvation RawIP coding in C by Mixter Net::RawIP Manpage 7plagues Tcpsed Arp sniffing tool Sneeze - Snort False positive generator TCP hijack/RST script Implementation of Birthday attack in a DNS Spoofing

Notes from hacking tutorial

RECONNAISANCE: Before making an attempt to penetrate any site, all intruders gain as much information on the target without directly probing the target. This could involve one of the many ways listed below whois database (Domain and IP ) Telephone directory Government Records Search Engines Company’s website Company’s support line/help desk Dumpsters Business cards Social Engineering others SCANNING: SCANNING TECHNIQUES: This is the first stage of active penetration, which requires the attacker to send suspicious packets to the target network. There are few things which the attacker needs to keep in mind while attempting this scan. List possible entry points Keep a low profile. Use stealth mode as much as possible. Go as slow as possible Do not repeat tests Prepare to change tools quickly depending on output from the current tools. Decoy is your friend So are bounce scans WAR DIALING War dialing is an act of gaining access to modems by repeatedly diali

ReplayTV hacking

ReplayTV coding is not exactly related to security, but I'm adding it here, cause its all about hacking. I'll keep posting replaytv scripts I work here