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Notes from hacking tutorial

RECONNAISANCE: Before making an attempt to penetrate any site, all intruders gain as much information on the target without directly probing the target. This could involve one of the many ways listed below whois database (Domain and IP ) Telephone directory Government Records Search Engines Company’s website Company’s support line/help desk Dumpsters Business cards Social Engineering others SCANNING: SCANNING TECHNIQUES: This is the first stage of active penetration, which requires the attacker to send suspicious packets to the target network. There are few things which the attacker needs to keep in mind while attempting this scan. List possible entry points Keep a low profile. Use stealth mode as much as possible. Go as slow as possible Do not repeat tests Prepare to change tools quickly depending on output from the current tools. Decoy is your friend So are bounce scans WAR DIALING War dialing is an act of gaining access to modems by repeatedly diali

ReplayTV hacking

ReplayTV coding is not exactly related to security, but I'm adding it here, cause its all about hacking. I'll keep posting replaytv scripts I work here