Unix file system notes

UFS unlike what most think was not developed by Sun Microsystems. Instead it was the brainchild of UNIX at ATT. Oh and BTW UFS stands for "Unix File System". Over the years its been used by many different Unix Distributions including Solaris, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and even MacOS. Linux supports it, but in a limited way.

Articles on General Performance

File Systems
Why we should use UFS logging
VxFS vx UFS : VxFS is better
UFS and VxFS : VxFS is better
UFS vs VxFS UFS is comparable if not better
Benchmarking Filesystems It thinks JFS, ReiserFS or XFS is better than EXT3.
Journaling file system
Understanding Journaling File system Part I
Part II
Journaling File System in linux
Veritas for Linux
Compare VxFS with EXT3 and Reiser

Oracle related
Optimizing Oracle 10g on Linux using Automated Storage Management
Storage on Automatic

Volume Manager
VxVM vs DiskSuite


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