Switching to powerbook

Two weeks ago I did some thing which I didn't think I'll ever do. I'd always thought Apple/Mac were worse than Microsoft because they were not open enough. I thought, that if they were open, there would have been atleast 10 times more Apple users as there are today. Since I wasn't ready to drop $$$ dollars down the drain to buy a sleek little Mac laptop I never got around actually check it out.

Well, two weeks back after I lost a laptop in a disaster, I made a choice to switch based on few logical reasoning

  • I still believe in open source

  • Microsoft is worse than Linux

  • But Linux is not fully supported on laptops I like

  • I also have problem getting support because there are 2000 different distributions out there now

  • I've grown out of compiling/optimizing Linux kernel every day

  • I need access to realworld office application which my organization uses (MS Office, PGP, Checkpoint VPN

  • I know Mac can do most of these...

  • OS X has a BSD backend

  • Should be fun hacking something new for a change

  • powerbooks look sexy...

  • And I badly needed a sleek very mobile 12inch laptop which would cost me big bucks anyway... so might as well pay for a better designed one instead of going with cheaper dell alternative which seems to break everyone and then


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