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WMF 0 Day exploit

WMF 0 Day exploits are surfacing already. Some of which look like worms. Link

bash on OS X

Funny thing happened... I had a directory with 2 dmp files. One was compressed using gzip, and one was un-compressed. When I typed gzip -d and pressed tab, it listed the only compressed file which had a name ending in gz. No matter how many times I pressed tab, it didn't pick the other file which I know exists in that directory. So obviously, me being me, typed gzip without -d on the shell and pressed tab... and voila, it listed the uncompressed file and didn't list the other file which was already compressed. I've been working with bash for a long time, and haven't noticed such a feature before... I was pleasently surprised to find it.

18 lessons on blogging

Here are 18 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Blogging: Blog Tips at ProBlogger .

Fun writing a search engine

Introduction My interesting project for this quarter was writing a search engine to index blog entries. The experience to do something like this without knowing anything about resources required would probably be risky and stupid. But since this was just an educational project to undertand search technology and to learn java, capacity planning was last thing on my mind. Based on the resource I had, it was pretty clear to me that I can't build another yahoo or google. Besides who needs another one of those anyway. Also when I started working on this project, google hadn't released thier blog search engine. Needless to say indexing blogs looked pretty interesting. How difficult could it be to build another Technorati anyway ? A few servers running a crawler and a few database servers is all one needs with a nice front end written in pretty php. Crawling If search engine was all just about searching a text from a database, then it would be called a database. To build a search eng

Interesting movie...

This is an interesting movie of the space shuttle launch.

RSS Hijacking on the rise...

RSS hijacking is probably unavoidable in short term. Here is an interesting discussion on this topic

Root servers

Some of you probably know what a Root Server is. But did you know that they had a site dedicated to it. Ofcourse internet won't exist without it, but I thought this information would be burried under one of the sites like ICANN or the US MIL site. You can download the latest named.root file from this location.

First post...

The pleasure of first post :)