May 13, 2005

Switching to powerbook

Two weeks ago I did some thing which I didn't think I'll ever do. I'd always thought Apple/Mac were worse than Microsoft because they were not open enough. I thought, that if they were open, there would have been atleast 10 times more Apple users as there are today. Since I wasn't ready to drop $$$ dollars down the drain to buy a sleek little Mac laptop I never got around actually check it out.

Well, two weeks back after I lost a laptop in a disaster, I made a choice to switch based on few logical reasoning

  • I still believe in open source

  • Microsoft is worse than Linux

  • But Linux is not fully supported on laptops I like

  • I also have problem getting support because there are 2000 different distributions out there now

  • I've grown out of compiling/optimizing Linux kernel every day

  • I need access to realworld office application which my organization uses (MS Office, PGP, Checkpoint VPN

  • I know Mac can do most of these...

  • OS X has a BSD backend

  • Should be fun hacking something new for a change

  • powerbooks look sexy...

  • And I badly needed a sleek very mobile 12inch laptop which would cost me big bucks anyway... so might as well pay for a better designed one instead of going with cheaper dell alternative which seems to break everyone and then

Tape library yesterday and tommorow

BackupTape technology pretty much kept up with the Moore’s Law. Here's the history and future of current tape technology which I compiled from various sources

TypeFormatVendorGB/HrGB/Hr compressedStorage CompressedStorageDate
TravanTraven 20Certance3.572010
TravanTraven 40Certance7144020
AITAIT-6HP/Sony8002008 *
DLTvs80/160DLT vs80HP/Quantum11228040
DLTvs80/160DLT vs160HP/Quantum295816080
DLT 1DLT 1HP/Quantum10208040
DLT 4000DLT 4000HP/Quantum5104020
DLT 7000DLT 7000HP/Quantum18267035
DLT 8000DLT 8000HP/Quantum22448040
Super DLTSDLT220HP/Quantum3978220110
Super DLTSDLT320HP/Quantum541083201602002
Super DLTSDLT600HP/Quantum1302606003002004
Super DLTSDLT1200HP/Quantum6002005 *
Super DLTSDLT2400HP/Quantum12002007 *
LTO/UltriumLTO-3HP/Certance4002005 *
LTO/UltriumLTO-4HP/Certance800TBD *
Super AITS-AITSony10818013005002003
Super AITS-AIT2Sony10002005 *
Super AITS-AIT3Sony20002007 *
Super AITS-AIT4Sony40002009 *