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Mac OS X: The Unix admin perspective

Introduction My desire to own a PowerBook grew out of few failed attempts at switching to laptops running linux. It's been a month since I ordered a 12inch PowerBook G4 and this seems to be a good time to write down my thoughts for those of you who are still on the fence. Being a unix systems administrator myself, I was more interested in the things inside the Operating System rather than the jazzy user interface outside. Though this write-up doesn't do justice to the feature-rich OS which we all know as Mac OS X, hopefully it would give some of you an interesting perspective of what I noticed when I switched to it for the first time. Background I've always surprised myself at how engrossed I get every-time I lay my hands on a new toy. I remember looking for things which others miss (sometimes by breaking it). As a Unix systems administrator by profession, I officially have a job of hacking OS, scripts and looking for performance tune-ups wherever possible. Interestingly