Apple's MacBook, Mobile crunch, google video store and blogofy

Steve Jobs launched the new year with a 15" Intel-based MacBook. Compared to the Powerbook, MacBooks are more than 4 times faster with just a small increase in price. If I hadn't bought my Powerbook in march last year, I would have definitely bought the MacBook this week. The other interesting feature on MacBook is the MagSafe connector which is nothing more than a simple power connector using magnets to stick to the laptop which easily give way when someone trips over them.

Techcrunch gave birth to a new blog today Mobilecrunch, which would be written by Oliver Starr and will focus purely on mobile technology.

Google video store has opened up.... and all of you who were waiting for it should probably pack up and leave now. Google might have got the search part right, but the UI is probably one of un-appealing. If you really want to see how a video store should look like you can start looking at iTunes which does a good job of helping you find what you are looking for.


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