Secret of Microsoft Origami is out

A lot of people were wondring what Origami is all about. Seems like the secret is out of the bag... and I'm a little dissapointed.

The way it was hyped it was made to look as if this is will be cutting edge, something new, which we haven't thought about yet. But this device is larger than a PDA and has less features than a small laptop. The advertisement didn't answer why someone won't buy a 12inch Powerbook, or a tablet PC. Will someone really walk around with that clunky piece of equipment ? May be they will... but doesn't the success of iPods and the failiure of Mobile CD players define acceptable size of a mobile device which people are willing to carry around ?
In my personal opinion, based on what I saw in the short clip, this product could be a direct competition for sony's PSP. Other than that, with the current feature set and its size, it can't replace the laptop, cellphone, camera or the iPod/music player.
If there is anything to be blamed for the launch disaster, it would be the hype itself. I wouldn't have blogged about Origami if I wasn't waiting for it with so much anticipation.


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