Weekly updates 26 Feb 2006

  • Google Pages is here for everyone. I've heard people comparing it with what geocities (now owned by yahoo) used to do long time back. Google pages allows users to create pages with the help of AJAX. However, what stood out, was the hint that Google pages might be group editable, making it easy to create and manage like a wiki server.

  • My Page Rank is an interesting service which allows you to put page rank on your website. Nothing new about it, but its there and does the dirty work of converting stats into an image.

  • Zillow.com has got a lot of traction in the media lately. Zillow does one thing and does it very well. It tries to predict home prices based on the past and present price change trends. It takes into account the amenities available to the home which is used to predict its next sale price. With the house prices tanking in some places, the importance of zillow to understand trends will be of great value.

  • Google Finance might be on the way. Search engine journal has some interesting observactions.

  • An other interesting but useless site I found is Toogle


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