Notes: WikiMapia, Digg, IPv6, flock and Google Sync.


  • This is the first time I happen to stumble upon WikiMapia, which looks like a wiki of maps. Very interesting and creative idea. WikiMapia uses Google Maps API and allows users to mark places and add text to locations around the world.

  • Its like  a large world map with people scribling all over it. Google recently updated its global map database to include some very high resolutions satallite images around the world which makes WikiMapia an even more very interesting new service to look out for.


  • Digg has been around for just over a year and has already surpassed slashdot in traffic volume. The Digg 3.0 release party demoed some really interesting new tools which are set to come out soon after 3.0 release on monday. The one tool which already exists is Digg Spy.


  • US Government has plans to enable IPv6 on backbone routers by 2008.

  • Comcast is probably the first large organization who has already started deploying IPv6. Here are some interesting presentation slides from one of their talks.

  • I looked up ARIN and noticed that Google, Microsoft and Cisco all have /32 assigned to them which is a significant allotment. Even though ARIN policy kind-of states that /32 allotments requires the aquiree to act as an ISP and give away atleast 200 blocks to smaller ISPs or organizations in 5 years, I don't think this is enforced. Cisco for example has its IPv6 block since 2000 and is well past its 5 year limit.

  • Aparently, during IPv6 I also found out that while IPv6 is being deployed, multihoming is not yet standardized.


  • If you like Firefox you'll like Flock too. Just like the web is slowing moving towards web 2.0, flock is kind of an extention to the firefox experience which gives you "web 2.0 rich" experience.

  • Features like social tagging, blogging and photo sharing are built into the browser. But what I liked the best in flock is its implementation of the RSS new reader.

  • Flock beta 1 was released on June 13th.

Google Sync

  • Google Sync is a firefox plugin which claims to synchronize your browser settings with your gmail account so that you can carry them with you when you switch desktops.

  • Unfortunately though flock is based off firefox, its not supported which is a shame cause I primarily use flock. However, there is a hacked version of Google Sync which will work for flock here.

  • BTW, I think that Google Sync is far from mature, 'cause over the weekend Google Sync successfully locked up my Firefox browser on windows XP and even reboot doesn't bring it up anymore.


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