The Blue Pill - 100% undectable malware

During Code Con 2006 7 months ago I first heard about the existence of virtual machines based rootkits. I've also been reading about hypervisor technology and about products like Xen which are trying to build a better virtual machine engines. Amd and Intel now, officially, have hooks in the processor itself to support this. Unlike traditional virtual machines which "emulate" all the processing within another OS, using this new technology, each OS could infact live along with each other talking directly with the processor.
But what took me by surprise is that within this short time of all this happening, there is a new technology called the "Blue Pill" which has been demonstrated and discussed in the underground world, which makes use of the virtualization features of the processors to make 100% undetactable malware.

Here is an extract from authors description of blue pill..
All the current rootkits and backdoors, which I am aware of, are based on a concept. For example: FU was based on an idea of unlinking EPROCESS blocks from the kernel list of active processes, Shadow Walker was based on a concept of hooking the page fault handler and marking some pages as invalid, deepdoor on changing some fields in NDIS data structure, etc... Once you know the concept you can (at least theoretically) detect the given rootkit.

Now, imagine a malware (e.g. a network backdoor, keylogger, etc...) whose capabilities to remain undetectable do not rely on obscurity of the concept. Malware, which could not be detected even though its algorithm (concept) is publicly known. Let's go further and imagine that even its code could be made public, but still there would be no way for detecting that this creature is running on our machines...



Steve said…
Undetectable Malware, this is scary stuff!

I am from,, and we are developing a community to help prevent and detect these kinds of rootkits. Please visit us and let us know your comments.

I appreciate your article.


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