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Color Palette Generator, Dodgeit and more

One of the most common problem in the web designing world is to select a color palette to design your site with. Not only you have to worry about the colors mixing well with each other, it also sometimes have to work with other images which are on the page. Color Palette Generator is the first such online service which allows you it online. The other common problem in the internet world is the spam business. And if all you wanted is that free cell iPod for which you need to create 37 odd accounts on different websites, you could do it with fake email address provided by . You register with a fake email address which you can create on the fly... and then sign in with the email address (without any password) to retrieve the email.

Some news, and other Links to various items..

Last month we were gifted with a wonderfull little baby boy and had since been missing in action. He is busy growing, eating, sleeping (and you know what else). So forgive me for being a little out of tune. Anyway, here are a few quick links to get back in the blogging world. This site did something which I didn't know was possible before. It shows how to use a show image rollover without using multiple image src. This site has a wonderful Regex cheatsheet for all of you perl (and other language) hackers. This is something which will soon go up on the board in my cube And finally this site give a short introduction to RJS, (Ruby Javascript) which I didn't even know existed a few hours ago.