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Holophonic sound: how do they do it ?

What is Holophonic sound , and how the heck do they  do it ? I've summarised my finding from the various sites I visited in search for an answer. If you ask someone who understands GPS devices they will tell u that one needs atleast 3 satellites obtain a location fix in 2D, and atleast 4 to get a 3D fix. Human(and most of the animals from the animal kingdom) however, can do the same with just 2 eyes. The human ear, similarly, has a remarkable ability to identify the source of a sound in three dimensions. But unlike 3D movies, which uses polarised glasses to show us movies from different angles to each eye, nothing similar existed for the ear for a long time. Stereophonic sounds which controls volume and channels to each ear have existed for a some time now. And if you have any home theatre system with more than 2 speakers you might have also heard surround sound effects in the comfort of your home. If 2 cameras can accurately capture 3D images for the eye, why is it that 2 micro