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Will Microsoft take the VMware bait ?

While listening to one of Mike poor 's SANS security talk, he mentioned the problems with untrusted third-party applications. In this age of trojans, even a security expert like him takes precautions before he downloads and tests a new security tool. In fact, he said, that even uncompiled "source code" of trojans have hidden trojans waiting for an unsuspecting security researcher to try it out. I don't download trojans everyday, but I do play around with tools which want to modify my registry. How many times have you yelled in frustration after finding out that the tool you've been trying to work with (and failed) for last 2 days doesn't uninstall anymore. I have a dozen or two interesting third party broken tools deployed somewhere on my computer which I haven't uninstalled yet. VMware is in a perfect position to fix this problem. With Microsoft right behind them, they released something called the VMware player . Its basically a stripped down VMware prod