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OpenLaszlo Legals: Breaking the flash barrier

In the past, though I loved the idea behind laszlo, it was hard for me to come up with a reason to force my users to use Flash. That was before Ajax gained popularity. With RIA (Rich internet applications) invading the market, I had been, for a few months, pondering about re-investigating laszlo to see where it stands. Today, however, I got a very pleasent surprise when OpenLaszlo announced the availability of " OpenLaszlo Legals " extention which allows OpenLaszlo to generate runtimes for different target browsers using JScript, ActionScript or Javascript instead of just Flash. I can see Laszlo getting a lot of positive feedback over the next few days. This is probably the best move they could have made. I wish them all the best.

Notes: WikiMapia, Digg, IPv6, flock and Google Sync.

WikiMapia This is the first time I happen to stumble upon WikiMapia , which looks like a wiki of maps. Very interesting and creative idea. WikiMapia uses Google Maps API and allows users to mark places and add text to locations around the world. Its like  a large world map with people scribling all over it. Google recently updated its global map database to include some very high resolutions satallite images around the world which makes WikiMapia an even more very interesting new service to look out for. Digg Digg has been around for just over a year and has already surpassed slashdot in traffic volume . The Digg 3.0 release party demoed some really interesting new tools which are set to come out soon after 3.0 release on monday. The one tool which already exists is Digg Spy . IPv6 US Government has plans to enable IPv6 on backbone routers by 2008. Comcast is probably the first large organization who has already started deploying IPv6. Here are some interesting presentation s