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Disaster Recovery process: Insurance policy for IT disasters

In a bizarre twist of reality, a company which was standing one day, is packing up and folding away three days later. Couchsurfing faced, what they called, a perfect storm which could have happened to anyone. My sympathies with them and especially their IT team who must have gone through a lot before they were all asked to leave. Multiple failures happening at the same time is not so rare as your IT team make you believe. It has happened and will happen for ever. Unfortunately its disasters like these that make people realize the importance of backup procedures and disaster recovery plans. It reminds me of September 11, 2001 and Katarina (New Orleans) which in its own weird ways, contributed a lot towards IT Disaster recovery process improvements. IT's backup and disaster recovery team were some of the unsung heros who never seem to get recogonized for how they help business to get back into action after a disaster on this scale. Investing in backup processes, is like an insuranc