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Plotting Hosts/IP Addresses on the google map

I have setup a new IP Address mapping tool on huntip today which allows anyone to plot multiple ip addresses on the map. Here is the the quick API for this map API Method: POST/GET Parameters: ips ( comma delimited list of IP addresses or hostnames. For example,, Parametsrs: ips ( You can add a comment for each IP by using : as delimiter . For example server, Google servers, server in india) Parameters: showinput (1= default, 0=dont show input box, 2 = don't show menus either) Restrictions: Maximum of 100 IP addresses at any given time. Notes Accuracy: The version of MaxMind database I'm using gives accuracy of around 20 miles Examples 4 of Walmarts DNS servers spread over 3 locations A list of hosts captured by traceroute Another list of hosts captured by traceroute