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"101 Top 10 lists", because I hate "Top 10" lists

Most of the "Top 10 lists" come under the catagory of things which can't be believed or ignored. To begin with, these are personal, regional, professional or age/gender based recommendations which can and do change from one set of people to another. And the fact that "Top 10" means there are more contending for the higher spot, these lists get outdated almost as soon as they make it to a web page. Now here is a list of 101 "Top 10" lists put together which seemed to attract my attention. Notices that the list is in alphabetical order and that the author doesn't really say that this is the "Top 101" either. I'm not surprised that there were so many "Top 10" lists, but am a little curious who will come up with the "Top 1001" next time.