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Upload manager for sharing files.

If you upload a lot of content and to a lot of different websites, you might be frustrated at times about how repetitive things can be. Check out Fireuploader.

Testing your webpage using 43 different browsers versions

I found this amazing tool called browsershots while browsing today. It takes a snapshot of any URL using 43 different brands/versions of browsers. Its not instantaneous, but if you are willing to wait a few minutes it can save you a lot of pain.

Tracking events and conferences

Scoble discusses a relatively new site called upcoming to track new upcoming events. I’ve picked the best events from my friends and added them to my own profile there. If I can’t make an event, but think it’s a good one for you to consider I say “I’m watching.” You can see which events I’m attending as well. What you can’t see is that when you have a ton of friends that you’ve hand picked, like I have, whenever you sign into it’ll show you new events that your friends have added that you should consider. Then you can see what those events are, and who is attending them.

A soundball.. an interesting idea.

80+ online-storage services

I knew they were growing at fast rate, but I had no idea that there are 80 of them today. I'll be shocked and surprised if 1/2 of them survive another 2 to 3 years. Ramakrishna from Univ of Texas had presented a paper on " SafeStore: A Durable and Practical Storage System " at the 2007 Usenix conference which kind of talks about how to safely and securely store your data across multiple service providers. I'll be very surprised if no one implements this in the near future.

Customizing driving directions

Am I the first one to figure out that google now has " customized driving directions " ? This is really cool... I always wanted to see how much longer or shorter a specific route is/can be. Now I can.

Reading news and keeping in touch..

I tried google reader long time back and wasn't impressed. I had been using rojo for a while since then. However after its relaunch and increase in traffic from Facebook I took notice of it again and liked it this time around. I don't know how Scoble keeps up with 600 feeds... I have hard time keeping up with just over a hundres I follow. But grouping feeds helps me focus on feeds I really like and those which I can ignore for long time. I you are interested in find out what I'm reading check this out. [ My public Google reader feed] Facebook is the latest app I've been looking at. After using Orkut , linkedin and plaxo it seems like Facebook's Platform OS idea is what will differentiate it with other social networking sites. Plaxo's feature, pulse , was a very interesting idea which notified me everytime someone's flickr account gets updated. I also found out when my contacts were changing jobs, moved houses or changed phone numbers. Facebook had a simil

Aggregation, consolidation and information summarization

The next big thing on the internet has to be about simplicity. Internet has come to a point where its growth will become the cause of its own downfall without a dramatic change in the way it grows. Almost everyone I know has a yahoo mail, gmail and hotmail mail accounts. And now they are on linkedin , orkut and facebook too. Keeping track of your own logins,passwords, email addresses is difficult as it is, and now you have to keep up with all the new services your social network is plugged into. I see 3 things happening in the next couple of years, some of which have already started. Consolidation of services - Google is slowly building a suite of applications like microsoft and yahoo. And others who don't have a big war chest to build it themselves are getting others to build it for them (think facebook apps ). Aggregation of services - Plaxo does a good job of syncing up multiple addressbooks and phone directories. We would be seeing a lot more of applications like these. Th

The next big thing...

The search, Web2.0, blogging, social networking and now online television. There are two kinds of innovation happening on the internet today. The first kind are the ones which are redefining the internet, and the second kind build over the first kind. Unlike traditionally research and innovation, its not the idea but the implementation and execution which makes or breaks a production or service in todays world. As a hobby for the last few years I've played around with quite a few ideas to understand the implementation and execution complications involved in bringing ideas to life. I wrote a internet feed crawler 2 years ago, created a personalized feed reader preference detection engine using bayesian algorithm, created a IP/networking debugging tool called, a digg like social news publication site called zoppr... and the latest experiment I had with was a service called XXXXX . In my other life (at my real job) I kicked off a search product based on lucene with a fullb