Talks and slides from various web architects

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This is a collection of various slides, pdfs and videos about designing scalable websites I collected time. If you have something interesting which might go in here, please let me know.

6/23/2007BlogGetting Started with Drupal
6/23/2007Blog4 Problems with Drupal
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: MapReduce Used on Large Data Sets
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: Scaling Google for Every User
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: VeriSign's Global DNS Infrastucture
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: YouTube Scalability
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: Abstractions for Handling Large Datasets
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: Building a Scalable Resource Management
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: SCTPs Reliability and Fault Tolerance
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: Lessons In Building Scalable Systems
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: Scalable Test Selection Using Source Code
6/23/2007VideoSeattle Conference on Scalability: Lustre File System
6/9/2007SlidesTechnology at
6/9/2007BlogExtreme Makeover: Database or MySQL@YouTube
4/26/2007BlogMysql at Google
4/1/2007SlidesScaling Twitter
4/1/2007SlidesHow we build Vox
4/1/2007SlidesHigh Performance websites
4/1/2007SlidesBeyond the file system design
4/1/2007SlidesScalable web architectures
3/1/2007SlidesScalability set Amazon's servers on fire not yours
3/1/2007SlidesHardware layouts for LAMP installations
3/1/2007VideoMysql scaling and high availability architectures
3/1/2007AudioLessons from Building world's largest social music platform
3/1/2007PDFLessons from Building world's largest social music platform
3/1/2007SlidesLessons from Building world's largest social music platform
11/1/2006PDFLivejournal's backend: history of scaling
11/1/2006SlidesLivejournal's backend: history of scaling
11/1/2006SlidesScalable Web Architectures (w/ Ruby and Amazon S3)
10/26/2006BlogYahoo! bookmarks uses symfony
7/26/2006SlidesGetting Rich with PHP 5
7/26/2006AudioGetting Rich with PHP 5
3/7/2006BlogScaling Fast and Cheap - How We Built Flickr
3/1/2005NewsOpen source helps Flickr share photos
 SlidesFlickr and PHP
 SlidesWikipedia: Cheap and explosive scaling with LAMP
 BlogYouTube Scalability Talk
  High Order Bit: Architecture for Humanity
 PDFMysql and Web2.0 companies
8/3/2007 Building Highly Scalable Web Applications
8/3/2007 Introduction to hadoop
8/3/2007webpageThe Hadoop Distributed File System: Architecture and Design
8/3/2007 Interpreting the Data: Parallel Analysis with Sawzall
8/3/2007PDFODISSEA: A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Scalable Web Search and Information Retrieval
8/3/2007PDFSEDA: An Architecture for well conditioned scalable internet services
8/3/2007PDFA scalable architecuture for Global web service hosting service
7/25/2007 Meed Hadoop
7/25/2007BlogYahoo's Hadoop Support
7/18/2007BlogRunning Hadoop MapReduce on Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3
6/22/2007 LH*RSP2P : A Scalable Distributed Data Structure for P2P Environment
6/12/2007 Scaling the Internet routing table with Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)
6/3/2007 Hadoop Map/Reduce
6/1/2007SlidesHadoop distributed file system
4/20/2007VideoBrad Fitzpatrick - Behind the Scenes at LiveJournal: Scaling Storytime
2/1/2007SlidesInside LiveJournal's Backend (April 2004)
2/1/2007SlidesHow to scale
1/23/2007 Testing Oracle 10g RAC Scalability
1/1/2007SlidesPHP & Performance
12/22/2006 SQL Performance Optimization
10/13/2006 Building_a_Scalable_Software_Security_Practice
5/31/2006 Building Large Systems at Google
5/4/2006 Scalable computing with Hadoop
1/1/2006SlidesThe Ebay architecture
1/1/2006PDFBigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data
1/1/2006PDFFault-Tolerant and scalable TCP splice and web server architecture
10/18/2005VideoBigTable: A Distributed Structured Storage System
1/1/2004PDFMapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
8/3/2003PDFGoogle Cluster architecture
1/1/2003PDFGoogle File System
11/1/2002DocImplementing a Scalable Architecture
10/30/2001NewsHow linux saved Millions for Amazon
  Yahoo experience with hadoop
 SlidesScalable web application using Mysql and Java
 SlidesFriendster: scalaing for 1 Billion Queries per day
 BlogLightweight web servers
 PDFMysql Scale out by application partitioning
 PDFReplication under scalable hashing: A family of algorithms for Scalable decentralized data distribution
 ProductClustered storage revolution
 BlogEarly Amazon Series
 WebWikimedia Server info
 SlidesWikimedia Architecture
 SlidesMySpace presentation
 PDFA scalable and fault-tolerant architecture for distributed web resource discovery
8/4/2007PDFThe Chubby Lock Service for Loosely-Coupled Distributed Systems
8/5/2007SlidesReal world Mysql tuning
8/5/2007SlidesReal world Mysql performance tuning
8/5/2007SlidesLearning MogileFS: Buliding scalable storage system
8/5/2007SlidesReverse Proxy and Webserver
8/5/2007PDFCase for Shared Nothing
7/1/2007SlidesA scalable stateless proxy for DBI
1/1/2006SlidesReal world scalability web builder 2006
8/5/2005SlidesReal world web scalability


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