The "me too" phenomenon and Identity theft

A very interesting article from Muhammad Saleem on the "me too" phenomenon. My problem with this phenomenon is that this might make stealing identity easier than before. In this new web 2.0 world, if I need your passwords or mother's maiden name, all I have to do is build an interesting application which you would like to try out at least once. Once I have your password or other key information (which most likely be the same across all your applications), I can shut the side down and do other interesting things. I'm an open advocate of OpenID which attacks some of the issues, but its no silver bullet.
More from Muhammad's blog..
"Everyday a new company announces a 'new' product which is nothing more than the old product with slight modifications or a few small additional features. This mentality is not only bad for users but also for marketers and even the startups.

A prime example of this phenomenon can be witnessed by comparing Dodgeball, Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr, Pownce and a plethora of other microblogging tools. 90% of the services these different tools offer are the same, and the 10% that differentiates them is not significant enough to make most users switch."


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