Scalability stories from Sept 6th 2007

  1. A 55 minute talk by ' Stewart Smith' from MySQL AB, about Mysql Clusters. He talks about NDB storage engine and synchronous replication between storage nodes. Also talks about new features in 5.1 including cluster to cluster replication, disk based data and a bunch of other things. And another Mysql talk on Google about Performance Tuning Best practices for Mysql.

  2. An interesting talk with Leah Culver about how Pownce was created. They use LAMP(Python) stack with Perlbal, Memcached, Django, AIR with Amazon S3 as the backend storage.

  3. Discussion about  High-Availability Mongrel Packs using Seesaw

  4. A blog about "Future of Data Center Computing" mentions Terracotta Sessions. If you read my previous post about "Session, state and scalabililty" and understood the problem, do look at this as a solution as well

  5. EC2 and S3 are being used more than before. Unfortunately because storage on EC2 doesn't persist across reboots creative ways of keeping the data alive has to be found. Here is a talk about Redundant Mysql Replication using EC2 and S3.

  6. Found an interesting post by IBM engineers on how to setup a web cluster in 5 easy steps

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