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[Blogofy: bringing feeds together ]

I took a week's break from blogging to work on one of my long overdue personal projects. Even though I use Google Reader as my feed aggregator I noticed a lot of folks still prefer a visual UI to track news and feeds. The result of my experimentation of designing such a Visual UI to track feeds lead me to create Blogofy

If you have an interesting blog on Web Scalability, Availability or Performance which you want included here please let me know. The list of blogs on the page is in flux at the moment and I might move the feeds around a little depending on user feedback and blog activity.


How about www.performanceengineer.com? There are some other feeds there (including yours!) that you might be interested in, too. See http://www.performanceengineer.com/news/sources
royans said…
I looked around and saw a lot of performance testing related blogs which was not exactly what I was looking for. But I think I already have a couple of them listed on blogofy. Thanks for letting me know regardless. Please keep me posted if you find anything new.
Jeff Barr said…
Hi, the dashboard looks really cool but the newest items are 20 days old. Is something stuck?

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