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Reading news and keeping in touch..

I tried google reader long time back and wasn't impressed. I had been using rojo for a while since then. However after its relaunch and increase in traffic from Facebook I took notice of it again and liked it this time around. I don't know how Scoble keeps up with 600 feeds... I have hard time keeping up with just over a hundres I follow. But grouping feeds helps me focus on feeds I really like and those which I can ignore for long time. I you are interested in find out what I'm reading check this out. [ My public Google reader feed] Facebook is the latest app I've been looking at. After using Orkut , linkedin and plaxo it seems like Facebook's Platform OS idea is what will differentiate it with other social networking sites. Plaxo's feature, pulse , was a very interesting idea which notified me everytime someone's flickr account gets updated. I also found out when my contacts were changing jobs, moved houses or changed phone numbers. Facebook had a simil