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Mysql Cluster

Link "Introduction to MySQL Cluster The NDB storage engine (MySQL Cluster) is a high-availability storage engine for MySQL. It provides synchronous replication between storage nodes and many mysql servers having a consistent view of the database. In 4.1 and 5.0 it's a main memory database, but in 5.1 non-indexed attributes can be stored on disk. NDB also provides a lot of determinism in system resource usage. I'll talk a bit about that." Technorati Profile

Facebook code leaked.. but was it Hacked too ?

Everyone would be talking about this soon. Someone leaked the source of the index page of facebook on a website called facebook secrets . Update: Brandee Barker from Facebook responded to Nic on Techcrunch. Hi Nic- I wanted to clarify a few things in your story. Some of Facebook’s source code was exposed to a small number of users due to a bug on a single server that was misconfigured and then fixed immediately. It was not a security breach and did not compromise user data in any way. The reprinting of this code violates several laws and we ask that people not distribute it further. Thanks to you and the TC readers for helping us out on this one. Brandee Barker Facebook What is not clear is whether this was a hack or was someone inside involved. This is what Nik Cubrilovic from TechCrunch has to say... "There are a number of clear ramifications here. The first is that the code can be used by outsiders to better understand how the Facebook application works, for the purp