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DNS Rebinding what ?

Everyone who knows what a "DNS Rebinding attack" is please raise your hands. I'm so glad I can't see yours, because I'm ashamed of myself for not knowing this one. For those who are "pretending" not to know please read on. Browsers use domain names to enforce same-domain policy for a lot of security features. Interestingly depending on which client you are using its possible to set a low DNS TTL and change the IP address such that without a change in domain name a script could interact with another website as long as browser can be made to believe that its still the same domain. To do this, all that the client needs to do is initially server contents from its own server and while the javascript is running, update the DNS such that the javascript can interact with a new domain from where it could steel information for the attacker. There are some safe gaurds to stop these kinds of attacks, but for most part these kinds of attack can be done easily on the