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Scalability Stories for Aug 30

I found a very interesting story on how memcached was created . Its an old story titled " Distributed caching with memcached ". I also found an interesting FAQ on memcached which some of you might like. Inside Myspace is another old story which follows Myspace's growth over time. Its a very long and interesting read which shouldn't be ignored. Measuring Scalability tries to put numbers to the problem of scalability. If you have to justify the cost of scalability to anyone in your organization, you should atleast skim through this page I found a wonderful story on the humble architecture of Mailinator and how it grew over time on just one webserver. It receives approx 5 million emails a day and runs the whole operation pretty much in memory with no logs or database to leave traces behind. And here is another page from the creator of Mailinator abouts its stats from Feb . Finally another very interesting presentation/slide on the topic of " Scalable