Webtrace.info - Traceroute on steroids

There are a lot of traceroute programs out there. This one called WinMTR was recently recommended by Akamai support during one of the troubleshooting sessions. Its based of another Linux tool called mtr (Matt's traceroute) which is another one I had never heard off.

I liked it so much, that ended up making an enhanced web interface to it. Check it out here at Webtrace.info.


Webtrace provides extra networking information which is really helpful for folks who are trying to investigate networking issues. There are a lot of hyper links which allows them to quickly drill down into issues (like who is loosing packets).

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Chris said…
Is there any chance that you would be willing to share the work you put into wrapping these tools in a web layer? A couple of years ago, you posted a bandwidth test written in Perl (http://www.royans.net/rant/2006/08/10/detecting-browsers-bandwidth-in-perl/) which would also be useful, but the link has been lost to the march of time (and the greed of link farmers).
Chris Deere said…
I recently discovered your webtrace site, and it is by far the best networking tools site I have found, and I have looked at many!! Please put the code in the public domain and so network operators everywhere can provide a decent set of tools!
Chris Deere said…
WebTrace.info does not appear to be updating ASN data. We added new Upstream AS's a few weeks ago, and they do not appear. They are in RADB.

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