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Amazon launches CloudFront

Update as of Feb 28th 2009: Contradictory to my initial speculation, Amazon CloudFront is nothing like Akamai WAA. This is very depressing to me as an Akamai/WAA customer... I'm sure folks at Akamai don't share this opinion.  CloudFront seems to be a glorified S3 solution which is mostly used for static (non-dynamic) content. ------------- Amazon has finally opened the doors of its new CDN (Content Delivery Network) called CloudFront . But instead of building a completely new product it has interestingly expanded its S3 network to include content replication for lower latency content delivery. By not reinventing a whole new way of uploading data to the CDN network, Amazon has seriously cut down the cost for end users to try out this technology. Most of the CDNs I've investigated do very well with static content which needs to be periodically refreshed somehow. There is at least one service from Akamai called WAA - Web application accelerator which seem to understand the