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Google wave : Let the predictions begin…

During the keynote today Google premiered something completely brand new called Google Wave. From the look of it looked like next-gen SMTP+XMPP protocol which allows email-like-msgs/instant-communication/collaboration using fully distributed architecture (similar to SMTP). The focus was on collaboration and notification. During the whole demo I was thinking just two things. 1) Twitter is screwed  ! 2) Ditto facebook ! The solution proposed has a side effect of trying to solve the spamming issue as well. The key here is that they are not releasing an app on which people can login when its launched … they are instead releasing a protocol and possibly working opensource server which users can deploy and get running quickly. …won’t happen overnight…. But if they build this into gmail which has a large adoption rate, it could become the next big hot thing pretty fast. More here….

Google app engine review (Java edition)

For the last couple of weekends I’ve been playing with Google App Engine, (Java edition) and was pleasantly surprised at the direction it has taken. I was also fortunate enough to see some Google Engineers talk on this subject at Google I/O which helped me a lot to compile all this information. But before I get into the details, I like to warn you that I’m not a developer, let alone a java developer. My experience with java has been limited to prototyping ideas and wasting time (and now probably yours too). Developing on GAE isn’t very different from other Java based development environments. I used the eclipse plugin to build and test the GAE apps in the sandbox on my laptop. For most part everything you did before will work, but there are limitations introduced by GAE which tries to force you to write code which is scalable. Threads cant be created - But one can modify the existing thread state Direct network connections are not allowed – URLConnection can be us

New EC2 features: Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and Monitoring

  If you have not used EC2 because of some reason, chances are that those reasons don’t exist anymore. More information available in the following places. AWS Blog All things Distributed Right Scale