Google wave : Let the predictions begin…

During the keynote today Google premiered something completely brand new called Google Wave. From the look of it looked like next-gen SMTP+XMPP protocol which allows email-like-msgs/instant-communication/collaboration using fully distributed architecture (similar to SMTP). The focus was on collaboration and notification.

During the whole demo I was thinking just two things.

1) Twitter is screwed  !
2) Ditto facebook !

The solution proposed has a side effect of trying to solve the spamming issue as well.

The key here is that they are not releasing an app on which people can login when its launched … they are instead releasing a protocol and possibly working opensource server which users can deploy and get running quickly.

…won’t happen overnight…. But if they build this into gmail which has a large adoption rate, it could become the next big hot thing pretty fast.

More here….


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