Velocity 2009 : Conference presentation slides

If you are like me, and not attending Velocity 2009, you should track velocity2009_logothis page for the presentation slides from this years conference.



  1. 2 Years Later, Loving and Hating the Cloud
  2. Death of a Web Server: Crisis in Caching
  3. Fixing Twitter: Improving the Performance and Scalability of the World's Most Popular Micro-blogging Site
  4. Hadoop Operations: Managing Big Data Clusters
  5. Introduction to Managed Infrastructure with Puppet
  6. Metrics that Matter - Approaches To Managing High Performing Websites
  7. Scalable Internet Architectures
  8. Surviving the 2008 Elections
  9. The User and Business Impact of Server Delays, Additional Bytes, and HTTP Chunking in Web Search
  10. Writing Efficient JavaScript


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