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Amazon launches Relational Database as a service

Its hard to say why I didn't see this coming even after amazon launched hadoop and hive as a service.  There is a huge demand for a relational database on the cloud and a lot of middlemen are raking a lot of cash. Today Amazon launches something they call " RDS ". The service basically provides a AWS managed Mysql instance which includes backups and api based option to add more nodes. The cheapest RDS service is about 11 cents an hour, and the most expensive is a little over 3 dollars an hour. From cloudave Amazon RDS is nothing but a MySQL 5.1 database instance that is exclusively for a particular user and can be accessed via a single API call. The user gets all the capabilities of MySQL database with an additional ability to scale up based on the needs. It rids the customers of any need for time consuming database administration tasks. The patches are applied automatically with the database backed up automatically with a possibility for the user to set the retention