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Safari crossed 10% mark ?

Apple released some statistics to show that thanks to Safar 4 beta, Safari has crossed 10% threshold for the first time . Though that might be true, I don’t see it sticking there. Safari 4 javascript execution was fast, but I found Chrome to be faster. I for one have already abandoned Safar 10 on my windows. Doesn’t mean I hate it… just means that I’m not convinced its the best yet.

Friendfeed using Mysql for Schema-less data

Bret has a nice little article talking about why most people should still stick with known, tested database engines even if the data stored is not relational. Friendfeed uses a simple table to keep attribute value pairs and separate tables to keep indexes for each attribute which needs indexing. The design is very simple and reasonable, and makes an effective argument against using cloud DB (or something like CouchDB) when you can get away with what you need with true and tested engines.