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Steps to migrate your webapp to AWS

Most web applications needs at least the following services to be self sufficient. Computational power, storage, webserver/cdn, database,  messaging, loadbalancer and monitoring. Here is the tried and tested steps as recommended by AWS folks Move static web content to S3 storage first. Images, css stylesheets, javascript files, html, etc can all be moved to S3. Its easier to move some static content than others, so there might be some work required to understand how to breakup web content to move parts of it into the cloud. The content on S3 can be served by Amazon Cloudfront service which is Amazon’s CDN(content delivery network) service. Once you persist your data on S3, your users will get those objects from the S3 servers located closest to them. Move applications and webserver layer to the EC2 infrastructure. This step will require you to figure out how to automate deployments into cloud infrastructure Once your apps are in the cloud, you can start working on