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Service registry (ESB) for scalable web applications.

This blog post is the result of my futile attempts at understanding how others have solved the problem of automatic service discovery. How do organizations, which have a huge collection of custom applications, design scalable web application without having to hardcode server names and port numbers in the configuration file ? I believe the terminology I’m hinting at is either called a “Service Registry” or a “ Enterprise Service Bus ” which is part of the whole SOA (Service oriented architecture) world. The organization I work for, has a limited multicast based service announcement/discovery infrastructure, but not widely used across all the applications. In addition to the fact that multicast routing can become complicated (ACL management of yet another set of network addresses), its also not a solution where parts of applications could reside on the cloud. Amazon’s EC2, for instance, doesn’t allow multicast traffic between its hosts. Microsoft Azure .Net services