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Cassandra for service registry/discovery service

My last post was about my struggle to find a good distributed ESB/Service-discovery solution built over open source tools which was simple to use and maintain. Thanks to reader comments (Dan especially) and some other email exchanges, it seems like building a custom solution is unavoidable if I really want to keep things simple. Dan suggested that I could use DNS to find seed locations for config store which would work very well in a distributed network. If security wasn̢۪t a concern this seed location could have been on S3 or SimpleDB, but the requirement that it needs to be secured on internal infrastructure forced me to investigate simple replicated/eventually-consistent databases which could be hosted internally in different data centers with little or no long term administration cost. My search lead me to investigate a few different NOSQL options Hadoop (HDFS) Dynomite (based on amazon̢۪s dynamo) MongoDB CouchDB But the one I finally settled on as a po