NoSQL in the Twitter world

NoSQL solutions have one thing in common. They are generally designed for horizontal scalability. So its no wonder that lot of applications in the “twitter” world have picked NoSQL based datastores for their Twitter.compersistence layer. Here is a collection of these apps from MyNoSQL blog.

  1. Twitter uses Cassandra
  2. MusicTweets used Redis [ Ref ] – The site is dead, but you can still read about it
  3. Tstore uses CouchDB
  4. Retwis uses CouchDB
  5. Retwis-RB uses Redis and Sinatra ??  - No idea what sinatra is. Will have to look into it. [ Update: Sinatra is not a DB store ]
  6. Floxee uses MongoDB
  7. Twidoop uses Hadoop
  8. Swordfish built on top of Tokyo Cabinet comes with a twitter clone app with it.
  9. Tweetarium uses Tokyo Cabinet


Do you know of any more ?


infra.user said…
Sinatra is not a datastore, but a micro web framework. It's super simple and basic.
mindreframer said…
Sinatra: (A Ruby webframework). And Retwis-RB uses Redis. :)

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