Scalability updates for Feb 18, 2010

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Joseph said…
Dear Royans,

Firstly, many thanks for the great contribution to the world with pubsubhubbub java client.

I would like to draw your kind attention to We are trying enable
"Activity Streaming" [similar to facebook - wall posts/streaming or
linkedin network updates ]. where depending upon publisher privacy settings, only posting he/she permits only need to be publish-ed. This becomes complex as he/she can also specific each posting who can be viewed - Privacy setting

Now at the subscription side, depending upon the account settings, only specific feeds items only need to be received.

basically, we do we do such filtering at both publishing and subscribing. Secondly, such how do we plan this with pubsubhubbub java API. ie we need to have pubsubhubbub for each user? Appreciate your insights - thanks, Joseph

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