Product: Northscale memcached and membase server

Northscale, an organization formed by leaders of memcached open source project, today launched a couple of interesting products. The first one is an enhanced distribution of standard opensource memcached server which also does “secure multi-tenancy, dynamic cluster scaling and browser-based administration”. The second product is “Membase server” is a distributed key-value datastore build on top of memcached, but uses relational DB for persistence underneath.

The features provided seems to be geared towards organizations which lack (or perfer not to spend on) in-house technical expertise to test, develop and manage advanced caching technologies.

One of the biggest customers of NorthScale happens to be Zynga, which has been using it to power its FarmVille and Cafe World applications since Dec last year.

BTW, they also have a “labs” site which gives some idea of what other stuff they have been cooking.

  • Moxi – memcahed proxy
  • libconflate - “a library that helps you configure large installations of applications easily. It's designed to be easy to use, safe, and autonomous while still leveraging centralized resources to allow you to have your clusters easily adapt to change.”


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