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Continuous deployments may not be for everyone: Culture

If you have read this blog before, you know how much I admire those who use continuous deployments in production. Doing that at scale is even more impressive. But the message which gets lost sometimes is that Continuous deployments may not be for everyone . Most continuous integration environments usually do all of their deployments from trunk. Which means every check-in has to be production quality. Digg’s Andrew Bayer gives a good explanation of how they do code reviews and pre-code check-ins before code is merged into trunk. Site uptime and reliability depends on a comprehensive QA process to protect against unintentional mistakes. And for rapid deployments one has to abandon manual QA processes in favor of 100% automated testing with the goal of getting close to 100% code coverage. Thats hard if the code is not written in a way which can be tested easily. But, unit and integration tests alone cannot guarantee quality. In addition to testing code which has been implemente

TCP and the Lower Bound of web performance

One of the less discussed, but highly informative and very thought provoking talk during Velocity 2010 was the one about TCP, latency, window sizes and its relation to web performance. The slides to this talk by “John Rauser” can be found here . And thanks to Mike Bailey , there is a video recording as well. Follow the slides as you watch the video to understand the talk. TCP and the Lower Bound of Web Performance - John Rauser from Goodfordogs on Vimeo .