Cassandra's future @facebook and links to other NoSQL slides

I heard an unconfirmed rumor that facebook is moving away from Cassandra. Not sure why, or to what, but rumors like this is a concern regardless. After twitter's backing off, and digg's troubles, which were indirectly linked to either Cassandra's maturity as a production solution or their understanding of Cassandra's capability, it might raise more eyebrows if facebook does really abandon cassandra.  Cassandra was created in Facebook, which it opensourced, but its my understanding today that most of the development on the open sourced cassandra happens outside its walls. Rackspace is a big sponsor(may not be the largest anymore) of the open source project and Riptano, which has built a whole compnay around the open source project has done a tremendous job of promoting.

Scalability links for October 30th :


[...] Cassandra’s future @facebook and links to other NoSQL slides | Scalable web architectures [...]

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